Panman Music

Royalty Free Music Collection

Royalty Free Music

You can purchase single tracks by clicking the checkbox corresponding to the track and adding it to the cart.

An automatic discount will be applied to every 3 tracks in your cart.

Maximum discount for single tracks is 50%.

Automatic discounts do not apply for pre-made bundles!

Each track is its own Non-Exclusive License allowing you to use the track for any project you want.

Unless stated otherwise, these tracks are not listing in any Content ID system, meaning that you can use them as background music on platforms like YouTube and Twitch).

I currently do not offer Exclusive Licenses for any track. Consider commissioning me if you’d like a similar track in the same style.

In all applicable circumstances, I require credit as either “Panman Music” or my full name, “Don Wakefield.”

I also request to have a link to my website or any of my 3rd party sites such as Unity Asset Store or Game Dev Market whenever possible. (This is heavily preferred but not required.)

Each single track, contains 3 .wav files and a Text file.

  • The first .wav (“A”) contains the natural start/intro with the audio tail cut off.


  • The second .wav (“B”) has the intro cut off and audio tail put at the start. This is best for “drag and drop” or “plug and play” methods.


  • The third .wav file is the sum of both “A” and “B” files.


  • The Text file contains the time stamps (or loop points) for the corresponding track. This is to be combined with the third .wav file so you can create your own loop if needed.


These values were captured from Audacity. 

Some track also include a “natural” variation. This is a natural ending of the song useful for timed cinematic sequences or credits.

The Sample Rate for most tracks is 44100 (although a few are in 48000).

Unless stated otherwise, all tracks are loopable.

Bit Rate is 1411 kb/s